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Price your Minerals, Oil & Gas

If you have been asked to buy or sell mineral rights, how will you determine what’s fair and appropriate? In many instances, clients come to us with situations in which their real estate appraisals have largely omitted the price of mineral rights contained beneath the surface. Comparable sales don’t exist currently…and with production from shale reserves in their infancy, how can a fair price be determined?
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Financially Assess Leases & Easements

Ordinary Income or capital gain? How is the Hold Harmless obligation funded? Does severing the mineral rights from the surface rights make financial sense? When is 17.5% less than that? How much will the arbitration provision cost me in time and money if we have to use it? What do my audit rights allow me to do and how much will it cost? What are the financial results of assigning my lease? What must I do if I donate my lease or mineral rights? If taxes increase, am I responsible to pay them and how much is my responsibility? Is a “fee” the same as a “tax”?
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Find Oil & Gas Developer for your land

Finding a market for your property entails considerably more than simply picking up a phone. You have to understand the market, consider your desires for the land and appreciate the risks and rewards at stake. Not all developers are suited for all lands.
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Let HbK manage this asset

This asset requires expertise to manage. Don’t you seek out the most qualified professionals to care for your health, business, vehicles, etc.? Of course you do! So why would you take a large asset like oil, gas and other mineral rights and attempt to do it yourself? You need our team of professionals to consider all the aspects of managing this asset.
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Involve your Business in Midstream, Upstream and Downstream Projects

Our history and position in the energy industry affords us unique insight and reach into spotting opportunities and helping you and your business find its place in the field. If you have questions regarding prospects, business forecasts or need assistance in analyzing transactions, contact us. We will help get you where you want to be.
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Act as Your Portal to the Energy Industry!

In an emerging field such as the shale energy arena, separating fact from fiction is paramount to achieving success. HbK Energy has earned a reputation as a “go- to” information source because we take a multidisciplinary approach in finding, disseminating and sharing facts. If you have a question or need guidance and don’t know where to turn, your journey has ended.
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