Form 4918 is Due NOW

Posted by: Nicholas Demetrios, CPA, MBA on February 26, 2013

“The State of Michigan Department of the Treasury now requires that Form 4918, Annual Flow-Through Withholding Reconciliation Return, be filed by all flow-through entities with income tax nexus in the State of Michigan,” explains Nicholas Demetrios, CPA/MBA & Principal in the Hill, Barth and King LLC Tax Department. 

This is a new form replacing previous forms used for the same general purpose.  The Form is due February 28, 2013 for calendar year filers and there is no extension.

Form 4918 uses a tentative amount of distributive share income to determine the withholding payment due.

“Any reconciliation will be done when the members/shareholders file their Michigan Individual Tax Returns,” says Demetrios, noting that those who miss the filing date may be subject to penalties and interest.

The State of Michigan Department of the Treasury recently published the following reminders:

  • Annual Reconciliation Returns for Fiscal years ending in 2012 are due on February 28, 2013.
  • Annual Reconciliation Returns for Calendar year filers are due on February 28, 2013.

There are more involved rules for LLCs and partnerships with C Corporation members/partners.

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