Lease vs. Buy Analysis Services

Lease vs. Buy Analysis Services

Choosing a location for a business is a critical choice for any business owner. Almost as important as the location itself is the decision on whether the location should be leased or bought. Each method may have its own advantages as they apply to a variety of specific situations.

The business advisors at HBK are here to aid you with lease vs. buy analysis service. We’ll help you fully consider all of the financial ramifications of your lease vs. buy decision.

We’ll look at factors such as:

  • Interest rates (both today and projected into the future)
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Federal, state and local grants and loans
  • Flexibility of leasing arrangements
  • Appreciation and growth rate
  • Facility expenses
  • Tax strategy and reporting requirements
  • Tax deductions and tax credits

We’d be happy discuss your specific opportunity with you in more detail. Fill out our form below and we’ll be in touch.

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