Fee-based, Revenue-Neutral Pricing

Fee-based, Revenue-Neutral Pricing

Key to an investment portfolio that is designed in the best interests of your business and your retirement plan participants is unbiased investment advice, free from conflicts of interest and incentives to recommend any particular investment products or solutions.

HBKS Wealth Advisors:

  • Is a fee-based advisory; we do not accept commissions on the investment products we use to build your retirement plan investment portfolio.
  • Is a revenue-neutral service provider whose only incentive is to identify and recommend the best investment options for each retirement plan and its participants.
  • Even when an investment option pays revenue sharing fees, we capture those revenue sharing dollars and use them to offset other fees in the plan.
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Investment advisory services are offered through HBK Sorce Advisory LLC, doing business as HBKS Wealth Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser. Insurance products are offered through HBK Sorce Insurance LLC. Visit hbkswealth.com for relevant information, disclosures and disclaimers.