Fiduciary Monitoring of Investment Options

Fiduciary Monitoring of Investment Options

As a retirement plan sponsor and fiduciary, you must select careful and supportable investment options to offer your plan participants. The HBKS Retirement Plan Unit works with clients through an Investment Policy Statement that details the roles and responsibilities of the various parties serving the retirement plan while defining the criteria for selection and replacement of investment options.

We monitor the plan’s investment options on a systematic and ongoing basis.

  • We help with the documentation supporting the investment fiduciary’s decisions.
  • On a regular basis, we review investment option benchmarks, including:
    • Performance relative to peer groups
    • Expense ratios
    • Measures of risk-adjusted return, such as the Sharpe ratio
    • Tenure of the money managers
    • Investment style consistency
  • In the event that an investment option is to be replaced, the open architecture platform allows you to choose a competitive replacement fund.
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