Monitoring and Benchmarking Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses

Monitoring and Benchmarking Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses

Your retirement plan fiduciary responsibilities include keeping watch over plan fees and expenses. HBKS Wealth Advisors offers benchmarking reports that compare your plan’s investment manager and mutual fund expenses, recordkeeping and administrative expenses, and investment advice fees to hundreds of similarly sized plans.

Our services are characterized by thoroughness and in-depth knowledge:

  • Plan sponsors can see how their plan compares to others: the most expensive, the least expensive, the median and the mean.
  • Powerful information allows you as plan sponsor to document the process used to determine the reasonableness of your plan’s fees and can support you in renegotiating contracts or searching for new service providers.
  • As a retirement plan sponsor working with HBKS Wealth Advisors, you can feel confident you are working with a skilled specialist guiding you on a systematic and ongoing basis through a sound plan management process.
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