Investment Management

Investment Management

HBKS offers you extensive experience and broad knowledge in a wide range of investment options and a commitment to an intimate, enduring relationship. Through a series of initial planning meetings we learn about your financial challenges and objectives, explain our investment philosophy; and then custom design a strategy for you, making recommendations based on a thorough understanding of your financial condition and goals.

Our approach to managing your investments involves:

  • Developing an investment philosophy
  • Selecting an investment manager
  • Balancing your investments according to your goals and risk profile
  • Allocating assets
  • Monitoring the performance of your investment portfolio
  • Closely monitoring the investment managers within each asset category
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Investment advisory services are offered through HBK Sorce Advisory LLC, doing business as HBKS Wealth Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser. Insurance products are offered through HBK Sorce Insurance LLC. Visit for relevant information, disclosures and disclaimers.