Attestation Services

Attestation Services

As global business operations become inextricably intertwined, their stakeholders require trustworthy and responsible services and operations. System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reporting delivers this assurance to stakeholders and a strategic advantage to organizations.

When a business takes the affirmative step and secures an independent attestation of their control measures, they demonstrate confidence in their dependable operations and the initiative to proactively manage risks. Attestation further serves as a competitive advantage in obtaining new business, while concurrently reducing the costs of on-going operations. Savings such as lower insurance premiums and less time spent responding to audit requests are but two examples of tangible financial rewards from attestation.

We begin by understanding the business and financial needs of our clients, their stakeholders and customers, and then address their specific attestation needs. We then tailor a solution by staffing the engagement with seasoned SOC professionals endowed with the applicable industry acumen in SOC report delivery.

Benefits of attestation reporting:

  • Provide independent attestation to the cybersecurity risk management program
  • Deliver assurance to customers, business partners, and management teams
  • Attract new customers and business partners

The professionals at HBK CPAs & Consultants stand ready and able to serve you and your business in this era of greater scrutiny under SOC guidelines.

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