Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning Services

One of our core client service philosophies is to help our clients create, grow and protect their wealth. A properly planned estate is one of the most effective ways we can protect wealth for our clients.

With the current estate tax, the government can take a significant portion of your estate through taxes when you haven’t planned accordingly. Our estate planning experts can work with your legal advisor to design specifically tailored estate planning strategies to lower your tax obligations and reduce probate expenses, allowing you to more easily achieve your personal financial objectives.

Lifetime Strategies:

  • Leveraged gifting through proper use of discounts
  • Trust planning to address non-tax needs, A-B trusts and charitable giving
  • Use of irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT) to keep assets out of the estate and provide funds for estate tax liabilities
  • General estate tax planning to minimize transfer tax burden

Post-Mortem Strategies:

  • The use of qualified disclaimers
  • Asset division and trust funding
  • Use and reduction of wealth through powers of appointment

Matters such as estate planning require personal involvement and a level of attention to detail that can only come from working together closely with our clients.

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