Sales and Use Tax Consulting

Sales and Use Tax Consulting

With state budgets so tight, sales and use tax enforcement and collection have become increasing points of emphasis. The increased scrutiny can put your company at risk if you do not have a strategy and a plan in place to ensure your compliance with every state in which you operate.

At HBK, we work together with our clients to develop and implement a strategy for sales and use taxes designed not only to help you avoid costly penalties, but to stay in compliance in case of an audit. Our experience with businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries gives us a unique perspective to assist you in creating a strategic plan and vision.

Effectively addressing sales and use tax issues requires a team with extreme attention to detail and a personal investment in your business. HBK is distinguished by the commitment of your HBK advisor and the support of financial professionals with the widest range of tax expertise, ensuring you get appropriate, comprehensive, current and on-target advice and planning.

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