HBK Implements Learning System to Create Future View

HBK CPAs & Consultants (HBK) is among the nation’s top accounting firms to become an early adopter of "The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition" business model.

CANFIELD, OHIO, May 1, 2018 - Today’s global marketplace is already being impacted by the future as evidenced the rapid pace of changing business technology.

"The Anticipatory Organization®: Accounting and Finance Edition" (AO) is a training program to arm CPAs and financial advisors with anticipatory skills crucial to anticipating disruptions, problems, and their related solutions. AO teaches professionals how to identify and act on “hard trends” (trends that will happen) and more easily manipulated "soft trends" (trends that might happen).

New York Times best-selling author Daniel Burrus developed AO and says the ability to accurately predict future trends and game-changing opportunities is the greatest missing competency in the business world today.

"Instead of trying to meet your customers’ traditional expectations, you can create higher value by predicting their biggest future problems and helping solve them," said Burrus. "To create the best products and provide the best services, a company must correctly gauge what trends, environments, and situations will address their customers’ current and future unmet needs. With AO, accounting firms have discovered how to rise above the competition by predicting what their clients will need before they need it—and then providing them with a solution at just the right time."

Christopher M. Allegretti, CPA, Managing Principal and CEO of HBK agrees, saying that HBK embraces strategic options like AO in order to create a future view that benefits the firm –and its clients—in an entrepreneurial way.

"The financial services business is undergoing fundamental change. We are being digitally disrupted. In order to remain competitive, to stay relevant, even to survive in this age of exponential change, HBK must adopt an anticipatory mindset, a ‘future view’ based on the hard trends we see shaping our future, and use those insights to help our clients capitalize on the opportunities that accompany digital disruption. Learning to anticipate and adjust to this new age in financial services is significantly changing the way our team members think, allowing us to be future-ready, ensuring we will be even more relevant as trusted advisors to our clients," says Allegretti.

"What makes AO unique is that it goes beyond spotting future trends or foreseeing industry fads and trains our professionals to know what our clients will need down the road so they are prepared to offer those services to them now. In many cases, this may mean identifying needs that clients have yet to realize exist ... or will exist in the near future," says Allegretti. HBK has just completed Phase One of AO training and is set to launch Phase Two early this summer.

"The feedback we are hearing from our team members who have gone through Phase One is overwhelmingly positive. We are empowering our professionals to be thought leaders in an industry where that is the most important distinguishing trait a business advisor can offer," he says.

Get complete details about The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition by visiting https://blionline.org/course/the-anticipatory-organization-accounting-and-finance-edition/

For more information about Daniel Burrus, please visit https://blionline.org/instructor/daniel-burrus

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