Employee Benefit Plan Services

Employee Benefit Plan Services

Each year, the specialized professionals at HBK perform many audits of qualified plans. In addition, our firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center. Our professional staff serving employee benefit engagements regularly use this affiliation to keep abreast of the latest developments in accounting for employee benefit plans, communicating with AICPA staff and other members on the technical employee benefit issues and for continuing education and technical research in the field.

We have significant experience with all types of plans and filing requirements, including:

  • Defined contribution plans (401(k), profit-sharing, ESOP, etc.)
  • Health and welfare plans
  • Defined benefit plans (pension, cash balance)

Do you have the right accounting firm to perform your employee benefit plan audit?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has been reviewing and regulating ERISA audits for more than 20 years. The deficiencies typically found by the DOL are a result of the auditor not conducting tests in areas unique to employee benefit plans.

Ask yourself:

  • Have plan assets covered by the audit been fairly valued?
  • Are plan obligations properly stated and described?
  • Were contributions to the plan received timely?
  • Were benefit payments made in accordance with plan terms?
  • Were participant accounts fairly stated, if applicable?
  • Were there issues identified that may impact the plan’s tax status?
  • Were any transactions prohibited under ERISA properly identified?

The professionals at HBK are here to work with you to ensure your audit is conducted flawlessly. Our principals and managers on our team are available for you.


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