Oil and Gas Accountants

Oil and Gas Accountants

HBK Energy serves land owners, oil and gas right and mineral right owners in assessing their assets, planning, assessing and implementing tax saving strategies pre- and post-lease signing.  We also work with midstream suppliers and contractors by enhancing their opportunities, legacy and value and help develop the business and techniques for the downstream industries. Along with our partners, we work in unison to maximize your financial return, identify and prepare for business opportunities and establish wealth advisory techniques to help you create, grow and protect wealth generated from the prosperity of the shale development.

Who We Serve:

Landowner Groups and Landowners
HBK Energy serves land owners by starting and managing the landowner group experience. We work with our strategic legal partners and write oil and gas leases that match your financial desires, integrate your payments into wealth advisory techniques and protect your land! Our tax professionals guide you through the maze of regulations and give you the expert advice. Tax advice, a business plan for your oil and gas rights and the sound support of HBK Energy make you a winner.

Midstream Suppliers and Contractors
HBK Energy supports midstream oil and gas suppliers and contractors by engaging them in dialogue about their business and personal goals. We engage our entrepreneurial clients by addressing strategic issues such as expanding their operations and growth strategies, enhancing capital support, profit analysis, tax planning and general business counsel. We also work with you to determine the value of your enterprise and assist in strategies aimed at growing that value. HBK has extraordinary depth and experience in assisting entrepreneurs. Our passion is contributing to your success.

Why Choose HBK Energy:

Valuing your holdings
Our certified business appraisers are fully accredited in business valuation, and the HBK Valuation Group works seamlessly with petroleum engineers and geologists to secure a fair market value analyses of your holdings that will allow you to plan your estate and develop your gifting strategy.

Your wealth
HBKS Wealth Advisors helps you grow, manage and protect your wealth. Our oil and gas clients entrust us with the supervision of their assets through our careful, prudent and technical abilities.

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We work with clients in the oil and gas industry on a daily basis to help them improve their businesses. We can do the same for you.


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