How to Check Embedded Links on Your Mobile Device

Most consumers have read various materials, articles, and postings warning about the perils of phishing emails. But in today’s fast-paced world, many of us use our mobile devices for a majority of our email and other online communication. For this reason, it’s crucial to know the proper method for checking the validity of an embedded link in an email via a mobile device.

Implementing the “Hover-Over” or “Mouse-Over” tactic on a mobile “Touch-Screen” device can be challenging. Here are some suggestions for proper usage. (Note: The displayed menus may vary based on the email platform used, such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

When using a mobile device (Android, Apple), evaluate an embedded link by pressing and holding it down with your finger or stylus. Wait until the embedded link is encapsulated in a “bubble shape”, then lift your finger or stylus from the link and a menu will display prompts such as these:

  • A display of the full URL of the destination of the embedded link
  • Open or Open in Browser
  • Add to Reading List
  • Copy, Copy Link Address, or Copy URL
  • Share or Share Link

Instead of holding the link for an extended time, a “quick” touch or tap will automatically execute the embedded link.

For those who may be uncomfortable using various mobile touch screen options, it’s possible to wait until they return to their office or work space in order to utilize standard “hover” capabilities offered through a computer, unless a response is required immediately through a computer.

Continue to be a healthy skeptic and don’t fall for the phishing scam de jour.

Remember to avoid strange websites or URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) and continue to be VERY skeptical! If it looks suspicious, it likely is.

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