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Date April 26, 2022
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Highlights of the April 26, 2002, HBK Risk Advisory Services webinar featuring Justin Krentz, Senior Manager, Vertilocity; and Tyler Mains, Consultant, Vertilocity

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the adoption of technology with the goal of improving efficiency, value, and innovation.

• Why digital transformation? We need to go faster, to expedite processes, or innovate at a faster pace. And we already have the data, the information we need to integrate this wealth of knowledge.

– to optimize IT performance and reduce backlogs

– to replace or update legacy apps and platforms

– to unify data across a single platform

– to reduce time and costs by optimizing everyday tasks

• Challenges:

– budget constraints

– time and resource constraints

– business expectations

– paper processes

– complex process: not easy to change how things are being done

• More than half the companies in the Fortune 500 in 2000 are no longer in business. Have to find ways to be disruptive in your industry. At some point, staying the course and not finding ways to innovate will be a business’s downfall.

• Expected gains through modernizing processes with the Power Platform:

Helps you update or replace legacy apps to optimize IT performance, reducing both time and cost and power your team for secure remote collaboration by integrating apps and automating workflows, and build a resilient supply chain with intelligent tools and end-to-end visibility.

– 73 percent of organizations feel they are not able to accurately plan because of siloed teams

– 37 percent still use paper to manage critical business processes

– 67 percent of CIOs and technology leaders say IT skills shortages are preventing them from keeping up with the pace of change

The technical side of Microsoft Power Platform

Three main standalone components or solutions:

• Power BI – visualizing your data: cloud-based business analytics that enables anyone to visualize and analyze any of your data with greater speed and understanding. Monitor your data in real-time from nearly any device across all major operating systems; set up mobile alerts to your phone when your data changes; share reports and dashboards with ease.

– quick and confident decisions because of real-time visualizations

– spend less time wrangling with data

– use a single, unified platform to give every employee access to insights

– seamless integration of apps and dashboards

– drag and drop design

– artificial intelligence to reveal trends and recommend visualizations

– accommodates the unlimited amount of data

• Power Apps – application development

Low-code technology reduces barriers to low-cost development and empowers employers to turn bright ideas into applications.

– low-code: from web to tablet to mobile to read and write data

– collaboration: can be published by anyone in the organization and work together with others in the organization

– support any platform

– share apps like documents

– seamless integration with other apps

– drag and drop design

– data connectivity: connect with hundreds of other services

– built-in data platform: consolidate and standardize the data

• Power Automate – process automation

– automate and model business processes across your apps and services

– from simple automation to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more

– trigger actions, grant approvals and get notifications where you work

– a workflow process for each flow allowing services to communicate with each other and take action based on the data in separate services

– start with a template and build more complex processes from there

– hundreds of triggers: manual buttons, scheduled triggers

– share flows like documents

– intelligent automation – additional actions recommended based on your actions

– thousands of actions based on each of the hundreds of triggers

– data connectivity with hundreds of services

– built-in data platform: consolidate and standardize the data

Vertilocity success stories:

• Ice cream retailer uses Power BI dashboard to address the challenge of forecasting demand, which is driven by weather. Store managers have real-time access to make informed decisions quickly forecasting sales and staffing.

• Employee benefits program provider uses MS Office 365 Forms, Power Automate, and SharePoint online to automate and track incidents. Tracks miscellaneous end-user requests, the onboarding and termination of users, and privacy incidents and breaches.

• Made-to-order equipment manufacturers for various industries used SharePoint, Power Automate, and Power BI Pro to track orders from order to ship. Created workflows of required input, data, triggers, and uses BI dashboards to present information on the entire process.

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