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HBK Risk Advisory Services – How to Securely Migrate to the Cloud The next topic in our continuing series on cybersecurity risk is Secure Cloud Migration. We will review the concept of a Secure Cloud Migration by providing our audience with information on how to assess the security posture of their Cloud Service Providers, protecting their cloud workload from threats, and how to identify “Shadow IT”. Additionally, we will review the suggestions on how to properly secure the connectivity of end users to the cloud.

Join HBK’s Bill Heaven along with Cloud and IT Managed Service Experts; Chris Bowman, Justin Krentz and Pawel Pikul of Vertilocity as they provide insights on how to limit your risk exposure when Migrating to the Cloud.
10/27/202112:00pm EDT1 hour
HBK Valuation: Valuation of Retirement Assets and Executive Compensation Understanding compensation packages is crucial in order for a company to competitively recruit as well as in divorce litigation, where valuation of these assets for division can be complex. This seminar is designed to provide an overview of the types of executive compensation and retirement plans, employee rights and benefits associated with each, the tax implications involved, and methods of valuation and division.

• Recognize the different types of retirement assets
• Differentiate various forms of executive compensation
• Allow participants to learn when to hire a valuation expert
• Define how to locate information through discovery
• Gain insight into valuation methods

Qualifies for CPE and Pennsylvania CLE credit.
11/5/202112:00pm EDT1 hour
Why Manufacturers Must Have a Business Data Destruction Policy Manufacturers house significant data, both in type and in volume. Confidential customer drawings, patents, material or chemical formulations, cost data, quality and traceability records, proprietary equipment documentation, and customer information are just a few of the records that manufacturers may retain. When the time comes to dispose of this data – or the storage device that holds it, any misstep can create potentially devastating effects to your business.

Join HBK Manufacturing Solutions and special guests from Northern Shores Services to discuss key considerations associated with implementing, maintaining, and executing a data destruction policy. After completing this no-cost webinar, participants will be able to:
• Recognize key data destruction vocabulary and definitions
• List options to dispose of data and/or devices
• Define risks associated with improper data destruction processes
• Recognize benefits of partnering with a data destruction company
• Identify steps in developing an internal data destruction policy

For participants to earn 1.0 CPE credit, you must be present for the full schedule time and answer designated polling questions.

11/17/202111:00am EST1 hour

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