Some States Increase Minimum Wage

Effective January 1, 2018, 18 states and 20 municipalities across the country increased minimum wage rates. Some of these increases are the result of recent legislation. Many of these increases are tied to inflation so the impact will be negligible; however, business owners must still take steps to comply. The states with increased minimum wage rates are:

State 2017 Minimum Wage 2018 Minimum Wage Increase
AK $9.80 $9.84 $0.04
AZ $10.00 $10.50 $0.50
CA $10.50 $11.00 $0.50
CO $9.30 $10.20 $0.90
FL $8.10 $8.25 $0.15
HI $9.25 $10.10 $0.85
ME $9.00 $10.00 $1.00
MI $8.90 $9.25 $0.35
MN $9.50 $9.65 $0.15
MO $7.70 $7.85 $0.15
MT $8.15 $8.30 $0.15
NJ $8.44 $8.60 $0.16
NY $9.70 $10.40 $0.70
OH $8.15 $8.30 $0.15
RI $9.60 $10.10 $0.50
SD $8.65 $8.85 $0.20
VT $10.00 $10.50 $0.50
WA $11.00 $11.50 $0.50

In total, 29 states and many municipalities now have minimum wage rates higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25.

Business owners should ensure that their payroll preparers are aware of these changes and that the software used to compute employee payroll checks has been updated. Contact us for more information.

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