Tenth TechCred Round Opens for Eligible Ohio Employers

The Ohio Office of Workforce Transformation has announced that the tenth application period of TechCred will open from August 1 through August 31, 2021. Through nine funding rounds, over 1,300 Ohio businesses have received reimbursement for over 23,000 total credentials for Ohio workers.

Five frequently asked questions are as follows:
  1. How do I apply for TechCred?

    To apply for TechCred, eligible businesses should go to techcred.ohio.gov and select “Apply”. Applicants must submit information including their contact information, federal tax ID number, credential information (including the credential, training cost, and training provider), requested reimbursement amount, number of employees who will earn the credential, and the average wage of employees both before and after earning the credential.

  2. The credential desired is not included on the approved list. Will new credentials be added in future rounds?

    Employers can request that credentials are added to the approved list. When completing the application for TechCred, these employers should choose “credential not listed” and provide information including the name of the credential, evidence that the skills taught are technology-focused, and proof that the credential has value for the employee other than at the organization applying. All credentials must meet criteria including:

    •The credential must be industry-recognized, meaning that it is sought or accepted by employers within the industry as a “recognized, preferred, or required credential for recruitment, screening, hiring, retention, or advancement purposes; and where appropriate, is endorsed by a nationally recognized trade association or organization representing a significant part of the industry or sector”.

    •The credential must be technology-focused, meaning that is relies on science, technology, engineering, and/or math as well as technical skills. These skills help employees gain and demonstrate competencies to use technology to develop, build, and deliver products and services.

    •The credential must be short term, meaning it must be completed in less than 12 months. The credential must be less than 30 credit hours or 900 clock hours.

  3. From where must my employee obtain training?

    Training can be provided by universities, community colleges, Ohio technical centers, and private training providers. Employers will not be reimbursed for internal training unless the same program is offered to the public and the cost is verifiable. Other limitations apply for training providers.

    The Ohio Office of Workforce Transformation provides an Ohio Workforce Supply Tool, Ohio Workforce Inventory of Education and Training, and listing of public institutions of higher education, which can help employers find training providers. Online and distance-learning programs are encouraged.

  4. Is funding guaranteed through the TechCred program?

    No, funding is not guaranteed through TechCred. Businesses must ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria, including having an Ohio registration and employing Ohio resident W-2 employees. Applications are reviewed competitively (not on a first-come, first-served basis) based on wage compared to credential cost, level of economic distress in the employer’s region, and amount of employer contribution toward the credential.

  5. Will there be future opportunities to apply for TechCred?

    Future application periods will be based on demand. However, it is anticipated that future TechCred application periods will open, given that the Oho Operating Budget funds 40,000 credentials for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. Interested businesses should watch for updates at techcred.ohio.gov. .

Employers interested in TechCred should visit techcred.ohio.gov or download the June 2021 Application Period Program Guidelines. For more information or to discuss support available for manufacturers, contact HBK Manufacturing Solutions, by calling 330-758-8613 or emailing manufacturing@hbkcpa.com.

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