Cannabis Solutions

Cannabis Solutions

As cannabis gains legal status in a growing number of jurisdictions, businesses looking to take advantage of this dynamic new sector face unique financial reporting, valuation and tax challenges.

HBK Cannabis Solutions has expertise in this new sector, supporting clients operating in multiple U.S. states, Canada and Europe. Our team of financial professionals provides tax, assurance, due diligence and valuation services, as well as consulting on the feasibility, structure, application and startup phases of new business ventures.

Focused Financial Services for Cannabis Businesses
Proactive tax advice and financial planning is critical for any business in the cannabis industry. Our holistic approach can help you navigate the often-confusing financial landscape governing this highly regulated industry, so you can concentrate on growing your business and maximizing the value of your operations.

We can help you:

  • Comply with Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Determine your business and personal tax obligations
  • Structure agreed-upon procedures to meet state licensing requirements
  • Navigate the financial aspects of your license, from application to annual compliance
  • Assist in the preparation of prospective financial information often required by State licensing regulations and investors
  • Review and analyze your corporate structure to maximize efficiency and minimize administrative and regulatory issues
  • Determine the value of your enterprise to help raise capital to fund future expansion
  • Develop valuation strategies to prepare for a future sale or secure new investors
  • Assess the value of the business for litigation purposes

We also understand investor and owner-operator concerns and compliance issues and can help you:

  • Analyze financial projections
  • Structure your due diligence to identify, assess and monitor your financial risk
  • Determine appropriate wealth management strategies

Our clients include:

  • Cultivators
  • Processors
  • Wholesale and retail dispensaries
  • Marijuana related businesses (MRBs)
  • Support services for the cannabis industry

Meet the HBK Cannabis Solutions team
This is a relatively new industry – but it’s not new to us. HBK has first-hand experience working with clients throughout the life cycle of the cannabis business, from the start-up stage to established operations to those thinking about their exit strategies. We are familiar with the various state regulatory environments and can introduce our clients to other professionals in the industry across the U.S.

Christopher Marrie is a Principal in the Naples, Florida office of HBK CPAs & Consultants and has extensive experience working with clients in all facets of the cannabis industry.

Nick Odille is a Principal in the Youngstown, Ohio office of HBK CPAs & Consultants and provides tax and assurance services to a wide range of clients operating in the cannabis industry.

Stacey Udell is Director of Valuation and Litigation Services for HBK’s Mid-Atlantic Region and has valued cannabis-related entities for multiple purposes to help clients maximize the value of their firms. Ms. Udell has spoken at national conferences and written several articles on the subject of cannabis. She also co-authored the Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide.

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